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Never before has investing in Dutch agricultural land been as attractive a proposition as it is now. The population continues to grow, and the government is urgently seeking new locations for the building of houses, recreational areas and industry.

TK Vastgoed

We offer agricultural land in areas with a lot of potential in growth areas of municipalities. By working with renowned engineering firms, we ensure that every aspect of a project is carried out by the right party with the right knowledge and expertise. Large banks and insurance companies have been generating capital growth by buying land that could be built on in the future. We have now made it possible for private citizens and entrepreneurs to buy land at promising locations.

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We are a fast-growing company in commercial property in the Netherlands. We offer our employees plenty of opportunities, a great work environment, and options for advancement. Do you have a winner’s mentality, are you someone who wants to deliver and be part of a successful business? Get in touch.

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